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As you all aware, with the (COVID-19) information and decisions change daily, Wind in the Willows is staying informed and monitoring the situation and the potential impact it has and may have on our Spa.

We are asking our Spa Guests to self check and use wisdom in determining if you should be booking spa appointments.

We have taken every possible step to ensure you health and safety while you are at our spa.

The following are some questions you might ask yourself:

  • Are you vulnerable?

You need to consider your own susceptibility and those you are in close proximity to.

*Have you travelled?

There is and increased awareness around those travelling outside of Canada and choosing to “self isolate” upon their return.

*Are you feeling unwell?

If you have been feeling unwell due to any type of communicable illness it is always in everyone’s best interest to cancel and rebook your appointment for another time.

Wind in the Willows Spa & Boutique will remain open for business we will post updates on a regular basis to keep you informed.

Thank you Sylvia and staff

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