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Meet Sylvia, the Vision Behind the Spa and Boutique

“I love what I do! I can honestly say I enjoy coming to the Spa and Boutique every single day. It makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. I truly care about every Spa Guest and always look forward to making their experience here the absolute best.” Since 1989, Sylvia has focused at improving every Spa Guest experience, grooming Team members, expanding capabilities in services and products. “Every day is different and every Spa Guest is different. I think knowing that lets all of us at Wind in the Willows take that extra step to ensure a great experience for everyone.” - Sylvia

Meet Our Team

Our Spa Guests agree; the Team at Wind in the Willows Spa and Boutique is absolutely the Best! Professional, courteous, well informed, helpful, friendly and attentive is the trademark of every Team member. We welcome you to drop-in meet our Spa Team. You may even want to stay and have a cup of tea and wander through our welcoming atmosphere.

Full-Service Expertise and Equipment Technology

Wind in the Willows Spa & Boutique has a professional Team that is able and qualified to perform all of our Spa services from Microdermabrasion, Anti-Aging treatments and Foot Care treatments to Specialty Massages with the greatest of confidence that you will be getting the best treatment possible.  

We have the equipment, the expertise and the qualified Team … That’s why Wind in the Willows is Haliburton’s only Full-Service Spa and Boutique.

Located on Highland
Street in Haliburton

As you stroll down the main street of Haliburton Village, just before the tranquil park setting of Head Lake, you will discover tucked in a courtyard, Wind in the Willows Spa and Boutique. When you pause to browse in the Spa and Boutique chances are you will immediately feel refreshed and inspired. Sylvia or one of her team is there to greet you and provide expert advice for all of your Health, Beauty and Fashion needs. It’s the spirit and passion of the Team at Wind in the Willows.

Health Canada... Beyond the Book

Wind in the Willows staff follow very strict guidelines with regards to sanitation and Health Canada Regulations. We go above and beyond the guidelines to ensure that every Spa Guest’s health and safety is protected.

Thermography Medical Clinic

Wind in the Willows Spa believes every person deserves the truth about their state of health. Our partnership with Thermography Medical Clinic offers our Spa Guests an early insight instead of waiting for symptoms to manifest and a disease process to be diagnosed, Thermography gives you a very early look at the most important indicator of a potential health problem – Inflammation.

By using the most advanced infra-red cameras and their patented image capture and analytical software, Thermography staff can accurately measure the temperature at every single point of the human body.

Every three months, Wind of the Willows Spa in partnership with Thermography offers a non-invasive way to identify and assess areas of inflammation throughout the body in our Haliburton Spa.

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